Walk This Way: Should You Choose A Walk-Behind Line Marking Machine For Painting Your Car Park?

Without a properly painted array of lines and markings, a car park is little more than a patch of asphalt, and a good line marking machine is essential for painting straight, even lines exactly where you need them to be painted. However, there are a wide array of line marking machines available to choose from, and whether you're a small business owner hiring a machine for a days work or a professional line marking company looking to add a new machine to the fleet, choosing the right marker for your needs is crucial.

While ride-on line markers, which can be towed behind a wide variety of vehicles, are becoming increasing popular, these is still a great deal to be said for more traditional, walk-behind line marking machines. These smaller, lighter line markers have a number of advantages over ride-on models, but there are also a few drawbacks to using them.

What are the advantages of choosing a walk-behind line marking machine?


One commonly complaint made about ride-on line marking machines is that the operator's view of the ground they are actually marking is restricted, both by the seat they sit on and the bulky body of the marking machine beneath them. Operators of walk-behind machines have a much clearer view, and are often able to achieve much straighter, more precise results as a consequence. 

Self contained

Walk-behind line markers are a single, functioning unit, and, unlike ride-on markers, they do not require a separate towing vehicle to function. This makes them considerably cheaper to run, and saves you having to hire or purchase a suitable towing vehicle if you do not possess one already.

Easier to transport

Since walk-behind machines are smaller and lighter, and do not require a separate towing vehicle, they can be transported from place to place with ease and will generally fit in the back of an average-sized van or ute. This makes them particularly useful from professional line marking services, who can expect to cover many miles travelling from job site to job site.

What are the disadvantages of choosing a walk-behind line marking machine?

Increased operator fatigue

Walk-behind line marking machines have integrated motors, and do not need to be physically pushed across the ground. However, all that walking can still take its toll on an operator during a long, hot working day, and choosing a ride-on model can definitely help prevent excessive fatigue.

Lower paint capacity

The smaller size of walk-behind line markers tends to limit the amount of paint they can carry at any one time, especially when compared to ride-on marking machines. If you are painting a larger car park, you may find yourself having to break off frequently to fetch more paint and refill your marking machine's reservoir.