Hiring a wedding dress? Avoid damage and stains with these simple tips

Hiring a wedding dress can dramatically cut the costs on the big day, and also avoid future problems of storage and preservation. However, the dress needs to be returned in fairly good condition, and on your big day your mind is likely to be on other things. Here are a few simple tips to make sure your perfect day isn't spoiled by an unexpected bill from the wedding hire company.

Check the insurance

Wedding hire usually includes insurance, but it may not cover serious damage. Check what's included, and whether any refund is available if the dress stays in good condition. If insurance isn't included, consider taking it out - your peace of mind on the day will be well worth it.

Take a picture

The dress should arrive in excellent condition, but take a few photos just to prove what state it was in when you received it. Also check for small spots or marks which the supplier may have missed, so you won't get the blame.

Avoid the red stuff

The supplier will dry-clean the dress when you return it, but some stains are easier to remove than others. Red wine can be a very tough stain, and goes particularly badly with white clothing. It will ruin your photos if not the dress, so stick to white wine and bubbly.

Give it up

It's too easy to burn a hole in a dress with a cigarette end. If you're a smoker currently planning a wedding, now might be the time to quit; it will be one less thing to be careful about. And arrange designated smoking areas for your guests - away from the bride.


If you possibly can, have a practise session walking around in your dress. Most women seldom wear long dresses with any kind of train, and if you can get used to it in advanced, you will be confident on the day that you will not tread on it and cause any damage. As for your guests, there may be little you can do except hope they'll be careful!

On the day itself you won't want to be worrying about dry-cleaning and dress repair - only about enjoying your wedding and taking each moment as it comes. The supplier will be able to deal with most stains and repairs, but a little thought in advance can help remove any worries from the day itself.