Two simple ways to spruce up your commercial office

If you own a commercial office, here are two simple steps that you can take to spruce up your premises.

Repaint the walls

Wall paint can deteriorate over time; after a few years, it may start to peel, crack or fade. Regular exposure to sunlight and fluctuating temperatures can often accelerate this deterioration. Painted walls in a busy commercial office can also end up covered in scuff marks, as well as stains from splattered tea, coffee and food (which are often impossible to wipe off, particularly if the wall paint is oil-based).

Repainting the walls of your office space can disguise all of these flaws and, in doing so, transform the appearance of your premises and give it a clean, fresh and modern look.

If you decide to do this, it is best to use the services of one of painters, rather than taking the DIY approach. Whilst the latter might be cheaper, it could produce disastrous results.

The reason for this is as follows: if you don't have any experience in painting, you may end up accidentally splattering paint on the floors or nearby expensive office equipment. This could then result in you having to spend time and money removing these splatters (it's also worth noting wall paint is very hard to remove from floors and other surfaces without using harsh and potentially damaging chemicals).

Additionally, if your painting technique is poor, the walls that you paint may end up covered in very visible and messy-looking brush strokes.

In short, you could inadvertently make your office look far worse than it originally did.

Conversely, if you arrange for a professional painter to perform this task, you won't have to worry about splattered paint landing on your office floors or equipment, and the walls themselves will be neatly and evenly painted with no noticeable brush strokes.

Improve the lighting

The lighting in your commercial office can have a huge impact on the ambience and general look of the space. For example, fluorescent lights (the most common form of lighting used in commercial spaces) tend to emit a very harsh, bright light which can give a room a very cold and clinical look.

Overhead lighting of any kind can also be problematic because it directs all of the light towards a small area of the office and in doing so, casts shadows on other parts of the space. This can create a very gloomy atmosphere.

As such, if your office's main source of lighting is overhead fluorescent lights, you may want to consider investing in some forms of ambient lighting. For instance, wall sconces, positioned on all four walls of the room, will give a warm, soft glow and help to ensure that no areas of the office are left in darkness.

Adjustable desk lamps on each of your employees' desks can then be used for activities which require task lighting, as these will give off a bright light, without creating the same kind of harsh glare that overhead lights do.