Two tips for business owners who want to add lawns to their premises

If you are thinking about adding a lawn to the exterior of your commercial property, here are two tips that may be of use to you.

Have the lawn laid outside of business hours

If possible, you should arrange for your landscaper to lay the lay outside of your enterprise's normal business hours.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, during the process of laying the lawn, your landscaper will probably need to keep the lawn and turf supplies (such as bags of soil, fertiliser and rolls of turf) nearby on the ground.

If the landscaper performs their work whilst your business is open, there is a chance that one of the customers who walks past these supplies whilst entering or exiting your commercial building could trip over these items and fall. If they end up being badly hurt as a result of this incident, you could be held legally liable for their injuries.

Additionally, this process could be extremely noisy, particularly if your landscaper needs to break through concrete or asphalt or pull up some paving stones in order to lay the turf, as this may require them to use a jackhammer and a sledgehammer. When this task is finished, they may then have to use an electric tiller to aerate the soil where the turf will be laid; this, too, could be quite a noisy activity.

If you have the lawn laid done during work hours, your customers may find the noise generated by the above-mentioned equipment extremely distressing. Some may be so annoyed or upset by it that they end up leaving and buying the product or service they need from a different business.

As such, it is best to simply have this job carried out when your business is closed.

Check how much sunlight the lawn area gets before buying your supplies

Some varieties of grass need lots of sunlight in order to grow and remain healthy, whilst other varieties tend to flourish in shady conditions.

As such, before you purchase the lawn and turf supplies you will need, it's important to check how much sunlight the lawn area gets on a daily basis.

If you don't check this, you could end up buying the wrong variety of grass, and your new lawn could be brown and patchy within a matter of weeks because it is not receiving the amount of shade or sunlight that it needs to thrive.

This mistake could have negative impact on your customers' perception of your business (as a dry, dead lawn is unsightly and could give customers the impression that you can't be bothered to take care of your premises) and could also result in additional expenses, as you may have to have the grass replaced with a more suitable variety. For more information or assistance, contact a lawn and turf supplies company.