4 Questions You Should Ask After Receiving Preliminary Environmental Assessments

It is usually advisable to conduct a preliminary environmental assessment before you purchase a property on which activities which can affect the environment, such as petroleum-related activities, were being conducted. This article discusses some crucial questions which you should ask the environmental expert who conducted the assessment in which some concerns were raised. What Would It Cost to Conduct a Detailed Assessment? It would be unwise for you to proceed with the purchase transaction without knowing the full extent of the environmental contamination.

Walk This Way: Should You Choose A Walk-Behind Line Marking Machine For Painting Your Car Park?

Without a properly painted array of lines and markings, a car park is little more than a patch of asphalt, and a good line marking machine is essential for painting straight, even lines exactly where you need them to be painted. However, there are a wide array of line marking machines available to choose from, and whether you're a small business owner hiring a machine for a days work or a professional line marking company looking to add a new machine to the fleet, choosing the right marker for your needs is crucial.